Reneldo Randall, MBA is a dynamic and savvy authority on successful leadership in advancing human and intellectual capital; a big-picture visionary who has the ability to understand how daily operations shape results and goals.  As a motivated achiever, he is recognized domestically and abroad for combining excellence, integrity, and innovation with best practices and “common sense” to achieve immediate and long-term goals.  As a Higher education administrator, professor, consultant, manager and social entrepreneur, he is an effective manager of people with unsurpassed interpersonal skills.


Reneldo’s journey was not without its difficulties – the product of a broken home, a teen parent, marginal performance in grade school and resisting temptations that landed majority of his childhood acquaintances in prison are also very real parts of his journey.  These collective experiences assisted in the cultivation of his keen understanding of the human condition.  Reneldo is gifted in uniquely assimilating information and skillfully delivering it with greater value!



Reneldo Randall, MBA

Tel: 757-876-0155




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His areas of expertise include but are not limited to:

  • Self Efficacy

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Leadership

  • Consistency

  • Process improvements

  • Team building

  • Motivating

  • Coaching

  • Goal/ Mission development

  • Strategic Planning

  • Customer Service

  • Training

  • Decision Making

Speaker/ Advisor / Educator/ Entrepreneur.

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Bridge Builder Commentary

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“Very few people command the talent and ability to condense a powerful message into 3 minutes of commentary. Randall's expert proficiency to convey his potent dictums into bite size consumable chunks makes him a skilled orator. 


I thoroughly enjoy his treasured words of wisdom. Randall's Bridge Builders commentary should be an ongoing dispensation to your own personal development.”   


--June Collier



“Reneldo can be certified a true role model to anyone he meets.  He was an inspiration and mentor to me as a student at Regent University – an extremely genuine and thoughtful leader”


--Jessica Williams





“I want to take out this time and say thanks to Reneldo Randall for putting together motivational videos that allow us to not only live a better life, but to be aware of what is out there. The videos do not only help me with my business but also my personal development.”


--Purcell “PJ” Piggott




“There are few people uniquely suited to connect people, resources, and knowledge like Reneldo Randall. As a personal advisor his perspective of life is a great motivating factor for "getting things done!" Mr. Randall's ability to inspire helped me to reach my professional goals, connecting me to my greater purpose.”


--Lamont Sellers, M.Ed





"The Bridge Builder has helped me push to the limit even when the odds are stacked against me. I appreciate Reneldo's delivery and how he makes day to day situations he faces into a life lesson to learn from. I guess with all the negativity the world glorifies as entertainment, it's nice to get a breath of fresh air and the Bridge Builder gives me my mental and spiritual vitamin for the day. Thanks Reneldo for providing me with valuable knowledge."


--Haneef Wynn





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